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Chouteau Art Wall / 4.24.17

Sarah Street Art Wall

Anchored in Culture.

Sarah Street St. Louis' first project, located on the corner of Chouteau Ave. and Sarah Street in St. Louis, MO., showcases 3 local artists.

Built to beautify a once empty lot, which is now under construction, the wall started with three 30 foot long panels. Over time, more panels showcasing local artists, will be added to the existing piece to create a block-long art wall.

Jacob Berkowitz
Grace McCammond
Art Farm


jacob berkowitz

Jacob Berkowitz Mural

grace mccammond

Grace McCammond Mural


Art Farm Mural


Art Wall Panel No. 1 / 7.15.17

Edo Art Panel

World Naked
Bike Ride


The first installment of the additional art panels that will extend the length of the Chouteau Art Wall, Edo Rosenblith created a meticulous and funky black and white piece, while thousands of participants looked over his shoulder.

The World Naked Bike Ride in St. Louis is part of an international event to raise awareness of cyclist rights and vulnerability on the road, and promote positive body image and  protest oil dependency.

We partnered with a new art collective called Silver Space. They're looking to provide a platform for artists of all backgrounds and disciplines from the Midwest, to show and connect with one another.

World Naked Bike Ride
Edo Rosenblith
Silver Space


Art Wall Panel No. 2 / 7.30.17

Daniel Burnett Criterium

Grove Criterium

During the 10th annual Grove Criterium Bike Race, St. Louis artist Daniel Burnett, aka IMAGE847, changed things up a bit. This former graffiti artist generally sticks to spray paint and acrylics, but decided he'd dabble with mixed media this time around. While slicing and cutting multiple pieces of color paper, riders & onlookers alike snapped photos.

The Grove Criterium is a bike race conducted on a short course over roads that have been closed to traffic, consisting of multiple laps on a winding, looped track. This was the Criteriums 10th year in The Grove.